Advisor: Ken Irwin

After many years of hanging out with some pretty wonderful cavers, I'm finally spending some time with them underground. I've enjoyed hiking, camping, and rock climbing for years and caving offers similar thrills in an entirely new environment. My favorite cave (so far) is Fern Cave in Carter County, Kentucky. It was my introduction to belly crawls and tight passages and I love the shapes of the cave walls. In addition to being the WUSS advisor, I'm also the advisor to Wittenberg's Outdoors Club. In my copious spare time, I'm one of Witt's reference librarians, specializing in the arts and humanities. I will dance at the drop of a hat. Any hat.

President: Barbara LaFranzo

Hi! My name is Barbara Lafranzo, I am currently a Senior at Wittenberg, majoring in Chemistry. I have been interested in caving since I was first introduced to the idea at the beginning of my freshman year, and I’ve since grown to love it. My favorite type of passage is a canyon passage, though I wouldn’t say no to a belly crawl. I’m from northern Illinois, which sadly doesn’t have much of any cave activity, but that doesn’t stop me from climbing in random holes in the ground and hoping they go somewhere! (Usually they just lead to mud, and occasionally small mammals).

Vice President: Quintin Muhlenkamp

My name is Quintin Muhlenkamp, I am a sophomore at Wittenberg University pursuing a major in Geology. I graduated from Greenville High School in 2017 and took up an interest in Caving that summer. I have always been a person to spend most of my days outdoors learning and exploring the forests and farm fields. For me, caving has brought to light a new world beneath our feet that is full of millions of years of history. Each cave I explore adds to my appreciation for the powerful and numerous phenomenons that build and carve out our Earth.

Treasurer: Richelle Avers

My name is Richelle Avers! I am a senior at Wittenberg University. My plan is to graduate this spring 2018 with a self-designed bachelor’s degree in Pre-Health Sciences. My plan after graduation is to attend medical school. My interest in caving sparked from attending the fall involvement fair and seeing WUSS at their table. I decided to take a chance and get onto the email list. Now here I am! I went on my first cave trip my freshman year in the fall of 2016. My first cave was Pine Hill, I fell in love with caving and have been attending events and trips ever since!

Media Manager: Jasmine Jackson

My name is Jasmine Jackson and I'm the Media Manager for WUSS! I enjoy caving and my first time going into a cave was my freshman year. Despite it being a scary experience at first, I absolutely loved it and I gained a very strong passion for it. Now I'm a WUSS officer and I couldn't be happier. When I'm not working on things for WUSS I'm usually reading or writing since I'm also an English major. My hobbies include listening to music, doing makeup, and looking up cute animal vids. My favorite thing about caving is the complete isolation from the outside world and having the ability to find cool stuff inside that others have left behind. It tells a lot about the people who had been there in the past.